Projects for Happiness is an initiative by Khind Starfish Foundation for all undergraduates in Malaysia to design grassroots projects for the year 2014 – anywhere in Malaysia – which promote happiness and address the root cause of poverty and poor education. We encourage applicants to use their creativity to design projects and employ innovative techniques for engaging project participants in ways that focus on education, poverty eradication and cultural & performing arts. Through a competition in universities and colleges in Malaysia, projects will be selected for funding at a maximum of RM10,000.00 each. We hope to encourage student initiative, innovation and entrepreneurship by finding creative ways of helping to uplift the lives of those who are socio­economically challenged through sustainable community initiatives. The overall program is intended to be nationwide in scope and impact. We believe that youth, leaders of today, ought to be challenged to ‘think about giving back to society’ in their own way.

Themes / Selection Criteria:

Poverty Eradication / Education

  • To organize, carry out and support schemes for the relief of poverty, distress and human suffering, improvement of the standard of human life and treatment of sickness, diseases, mental or physical illness, disorders and disabilities
  • To carry out, aid, assist or support schemes to improve living conditions, provide relief to and maintain the well­being and improve the welfare of poor, needy, distressed, disadvantaged or deprived communities; and
Cultural and Performing Arts
  • To organize, carry out, facilitate or support initiatives or measures in connection with the promotion of culture, arts and heritage. 


Khind Starfish Foundation


Undergraduate students at any universities in Malaysia are eligible. Groups of student from the same campus, as well as individual students, may submit proposals to the official website

Application Process:

To be considered, a student (or group of students) must prepare a written statement which describes the project (who, what, where, how) including expected outcomes and prospects for the future impact (not to exceed two pages) as well as budget (one separate page).

All written project proposals, require a heading to include the following: name of the participating institution, name of all student participants, title of project, dates of the projects, location where the project will be performed. Proposals should include pre­approval of all involved parties and organizations involved in the project.

The two­page proposal and one­page budget should be submitted electronically to the official website of the Khind Starfish Foundation. Students with queries may direct them to their campus designated official or the supporting team from the foundation.

Application forms and details can be downloaded from www.khindstarfishfoundation.org.my

All application can be summited online at www.khindstarfishfoundation.org.my

Selection Criteria

Once the proposal has been selected, the student has to raise minimum of 10% of the total project cost (from RM3,000 to RM10,000) before the fund being awarded. Please note that the initial 10% fund shall be raised from a minimum of 10 persons.



Deadlines and Timetable

Date Action
1st Jan – 30th June Promotion of Projects for Happiness
1st Apr – 30th June  Student proposals submitted to Khind Starfish Foundation official website
15th June – 30th June Project Presentation and judging session 
15th June – 15th Jul Initial fund raising for the selected project (10%)
15th Jul – 31st Jul Grant funds distributed
31st Aug – 30th Nov Project implementation
31st Dec Projects completed and final exhibition